Spirit Wind Hapkido

Ages 13 - Adult

Competition Team / Weapons Class

Yellow Belt & Higher

Pee - Wee Panthers

Ages 4 - 6

Karate Cats

Ages 7 - 12

Pattern movement study material so you can practice at home

Defiance Martial

Arts Academy 


We offer different classes for variety of age groups! 

  • Pee - Wee Panthers (age 4 - 6)
  • Karate Cats (age 7 - 12)
  • Spirit Wind Hapkido ( 14+)
  • Private Lessons (7 - adult)
  • Self Defense (any age)

Time/Days of class check the Schedule page

Ninja Parties!

We also have super awesome ninja themed parties! These include a martial arts class, board breaks, sword fights and last but not least, cutting your cake with a katana! Call, email or stop on in for more details!


At Kurt's Karate we have  classes for any age group! We have experienced instructors that have been teaching all age groups. If you are looking for staying in shape or getting your very own black belt we are here to make sure you succeed your goals!