Defiance Martial 
Arts Academy 

Ninja Parties

We also have super awesome ninja themed parties! These include a martial arts class, board breaks, sword fights and last but not least, cutting your cake with a katana! Call, email or stop on in for more details!

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons to give you one-on-one time with the instructor to get immediate feedback and help you figure out a technique or specific instruction suited to your own needs.

Self Defense Seminar

Schedule your Self-Defense Seminar Today: Are you looking for some lessons on group Self-Defense. This is open to any group which we teach very basic self-defense that can be used by anyone. Going off to college or just wanting to learn to feel safe we are the school for you.​

We also offer Women's self defense, Anti - Bullying, Stranger Danger seminars, as well as basic demonstrations. 

Open to groups of 8-10. We can host or visit your place of business.

Rates will vary, so call or stop in find our more information.