Spirit Wind Hapkido 

Ages 13 - Adult

Steeped in the traditions of the Korean mountainsides, Spirit Wind Hapkido is where East meets West. This curriculum is the melding of time-honored tradition and modern innovation. This particular program was founded by Kurt Steinke who is not just a martial arts grandmaster, but also holds a Master’s degree in Homeland Security Administration and Criminal Justice. Defiance Classes: Tue, Wed, & Friday

Check the schedule for details. 

Start training today

Whether your goal is to build strength, increase flexibility,  lose a few unwanted pounds, or get your black belt, it begins with the decision to change your lifestyle, and it should begin today.

The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from your goal. Those calories aren't burning themselves. Make the commitment to be healthy. We'll be your partner every step of the way. Contact us for a free class today!

Ninja Parties!

We also have super awesome ninja themed parties! These include a martial arts class, board breaks, sword fights and last but not least, cutting your cake with a katana! Call, email or stop on in for more details!

Karate Cats 

Ages 7 - 12

Serious martial arts training that is seriously fun. This is the age level where students really succeed and excel. They learn self- discipline and self-mastery through a regimented, age-appropriate program. Reality-based self-defense scenarios give practical approaches to stranger danger and anti-bullying. Defiance Classes: Tue, Wed, & Friday

Check the schedule for details. 

Pee - Wee Panthers 

Ages 4 - 6

Introduction to martial arts training for
pre- school children. Students learn important lessons in cooperation and teamwork as well as autonomy and self- confidence. This is a developmentally- appropriate curriculum designed using child psychology. And, oh boy, is it fun!! Defiance Classes: Tue, Wed, & Friday

Check the schedule for details. 

Class Overview

Here at Kurt’s Karate, we teach martial arts for ages 4 to adult. Our classes are both fun and teach practical self-defense. They also help people reach their true potential, whether that is getting their black belt or just trying to stay fit. Our classes help people to find discipline, confidence, and respect for oneself and others.

For an hours worth of training different rates apply from regular classes. 

Self Defense Seminar

Schedule your Self-Defense Seminar Today: Are you looking for some lessons on group Self-Defense. This is open to any group which we teach very basic self-defense that can be used by anyone. Going off to college or just wanting to learn to feel safe we are the school for you.​

We also offer Women's self defense, Anti - Bullying, Stranger Danger seminars, as well as basic demonstrations. 

Open to groups of 8-10. We can host or visit your place of business.

Rates will vary, so call or stop in find our more information.

Defiance Martial 
Arts Academy 

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons which gives you one on one time with the instructor who will give you immediate feedback that will help you figure out a technique or specific instruction suited to your own needs.

Competition Team / Weapons Class

Yellow Belt and higher

The Competition Team class is for students that are looking for more advanced techniques and katas (pattern movements) to learn to use for their weapons. In this class, we will cover I - Ki Ryu Kobujutsu, San Ryu Do sword style, and Kenpo-style weapon work.

Kobujutsu is a well established and traditional martial art from Okinawa. Its name actually translates to “The Old Art” and it was used by the royal court of Okinawa at the time of the Japanese invasion. Against sword and spear, the practitioners of Kobujutsu used their farming implements to save their families. Traditional Okinawan weaponry is used in I-ki Ryu. Students learn kama, sai, tonfa, bo, and nunchaku as well as katana (Samurai sword). I- ki Ryu means “School of Heaven and Earth” which indicates all things in creation. This class is appropriate for adults and children (7 and up). 

​San Ryu Do sword style includes 52 waza (or sword techniques). This style comes from many different origins, including French, Japanese, Chinese, Germanic, English, and Greek. Each distinct cut is affected by the historic origins that influenced it's creation. With this style, we have the Bushido code, which includes 10 principles to follow: Honor, Bravery, Loyalty, Love, Benevolence, Justice, Wisdom, Peace, Respect, and Modesty. Sherry Pitchford is the head of this system, with 35 years of martial arts experience and 20 years just with San Ryu Do, and has instructed both Philip and Sarah to get their black belts after 2 and a half years of study.